Frederick J. Magovern


Frederick J. Magovern

Frederick J. Magovern

Frederick J. Magovern - partner

I graduated from Fordham Law School over 40 years ago and have specialized in family law ever since. At that time, the law was failing those most in need of protection – dependent and neglected children. Most were being warehoused in orphanages with little chance of reuniting with their absent or dysfunctional parents. Even those fortunate enough to live in loving foster homes rarely enjoyed the permanency of adoption. Ever since I have spent my career litigating to make it possible for these children to be adopted by their foster parents and defending these adoptive families once formed.

When I started my own practice in 1979, I had the good fortune to work with an extremely accomplished and well-respected trial attorney who recently died, Louis J. Martine. In the colorful language he often invoked, he told me, “Fred, anyone can try a case – it’s the lawyer who works the hardest who will prevail.” I have never forgotten those words, nor have I ever lost a case for lack of effort. I always work harder than my opponent to master the facts of the case and the relevant law. My record of success both at trial and on appeal reflects this work ethic. This intensity comes naturally having shouldered the enormous responsibility of representing families in such high-stakes cases. Nothing is more important to me or my partner Mary Jane than protecting a child’s emotional health and future well-being. We confront daily the enormous tragedy of neglected kids and enjoy the privilege of playing a part in new loving families come together. I’m proud to know this will be my legacy along with the ways I have helped improve adoption law in the State of New York.

Timeline Of Credentials

  • Manhattan College, B.A. – 1968
  • Fordham University, J.D. – 1971
  • Admitted to the New York State Bar – 1972
  • Admitted to practice before the US District Court, Southern & Eastern Districts of NY – 1973
  • Admitted to practice before the US Court of Appeals, Second Circuit – 1973
  • Admitted to practice before the United States Supreme Court – 1981
  • Admitted to the Florida State Bar – 1986



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Professional Memberships

  • NYS Task Force on Permanency Planning for Foster Children – Board Member (1993-4)
  • American Academy of Adoption Attorneys – Fellow & Founding Member (1990)
  • NYC Mayor’s Public Child Fatality Review Committee – Mayoral Appointee (1986-7)
  • New York State Bar Association – Member, served on Family Law Committee
  • Nassau County Bar Association – Member, served on Matrimonial & Family Law Committee
  • American Bar Association – Member, served on Family Law Committee
  • National Council for Adoption – Member

Personal Memberships

  • Buckley Country Day School, Board of Trustees – Trustee (1997-2007), served as Chairman (2000-3)
  • Eastern Property Owner’s Assoc. of Garden City – Member, served on Nominating Committee


  • AV Martindale Hubbell, highest rating for legal skills & ethical practices – 25+ years
  • NY Times Top Attorneys in the NY Metro Area – 2007, 2009, 2011
  • Angel in Adoption, United States Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute – 2009
  • Adoption Advocate of the Year, Family Focus Adoption Services – 2009
  • NY Times “Super Lawyer” – 2007, 2009-14
  • Humanitarian Award, Catholic Home Bureau for Dependent Children – 2003
  • Consultant to An Bord Uchtála (Adoption Board), Irish Government – 1995
  • Testified as an adoption expert before the New York County Grand Jury investigating the Lisa Steinberg tragedy – 1986

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Press - Radio

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Mary Jane Sclafani

Mary Jane Sclafani

Background on Mary Jane coming soon.

Joanna Roberson

Joanna Roberson

Joanna roberson

I joined Magovern & Sclafani in 2006. For the first few years, I focused on trying cases for the child care agencies we represent. Since then I’ve specialized in appellate work, completing dozens of appeals. My goal is to see that each child’s court ordered adoption plan reaches fruition with finality as quickly as possible. That means thoroughly and expeditiously preparing, serving and filing our appellate briefs. There is nothing more rewarding to me than having the Justices of the Appellate Division accept my legal arguments to break the cycle of neglect and free children for adoption. As a mother of three, I'm especially proud of the work that we do to enable children to grow up in stable, loving homes.